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The website exists as a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and funding amongst organisations and initiatives dedicated to making practical sense of the term “sustainability” in South Africa and around the World .

In our World today three fundamental guiding principles need to be implemented:


Sustainability is in effect a practical ethos, a way of living in the world, a set of values which is profoundly at odds with current global economic and political practices. Poverty issues remain largely ignored, natural species go extinct at an alarming rate, endangered plants, birds, reptiles are poached and sold for profit.Scientific evidence points to climate change as a serious indicator of global warming and its possible long term consequences yet corporate industry worldwide continues to pollute the environment regardless of this information. Educational systems around the world are failing to equip our youth with knowledge of the seriousness of the planetary environmental crisis, nor are they providing life skills to meet the real challenges that confront them. Educational models that foster holistic education, creative strategic thinking and authentic leadership for democracy do exist. This new form of “education for life” needs both recognition and sustainable funding to expand its scope of influence.

It is understood that each and every constructive initiative has its own emphasis and cannot necessarily fully comply with all three guiding principles in a practical sense. What is vital however is communication and cooperation amongst organisations, so that collectively we do achieve sustainability on a global scale. We need to reactivate the awareness of how important it is to “think globally and act locally”.

We invite any individual or organisation who relates to the above to use this space and to list your organisation as a way of exchanging energy, providing input, suggesting funding sources, submitting relevant articles, prose, poetry which capture the true spirit of sustainable practice.

In order to be listed or to have information on this website for exposure of your organisation, please provide your logo, contact information and a one page mission statement if you do not have your own website. Visit our "Organisations" page.

As an individual, please send in news, views, photographs or other relevant contribution. It will be placed on the appropriate page. The website will be updated regularly.

We look forward to developing a dynamic energy exchange with you!

Jenny Lawrence (Founder of Global Green & The Garden Route Trust)



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